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Still a bit of leftover gookiness from my cold but mostly feeling normal again. Just got back to a bunch of old comments on my LJ, as while I was sick and then busy with work stuff just didn't really have a chance...

Been busy working on an analysis for work the past week or so, so was spending some evenings on that so haven't been online much....

I'm digging the leaked Nightwish tracks more and more with each listen....September can't come fast enough for the album and October for our trip to see them in Montreal.

I'm also excited for what Fall will bring with tentative new Goldfrapp, new Hooverphonic, new Nellie McKay, and new Sarah Slean albums.

Recently I picked up the Holly McNarland album "Chin Up Buttercup" and am pleased with how good it is. It's a lot more to my liking than the album previous to it (Home is Where my Feet Are). This one is a bit more of a mix of heavier/softer tracks, whereas the one prior I found too soft for me....

There's a new Tara Maclean EP on iTunes too that is decent....

I have the Absolute Garbage greatest hits cd and dvd of the music videos on preorder as well as the new Tegan & Sara cd "The Con" on preorder, both of which come out this month.

We went to see Order of the Phoenix last night, enjoyed it a lot:) Am happy that the Half-Blood Prince's movie release date is currently slated for November 21, 2008. I like the times when the movies have only a small gap in between :)
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