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From the site...

"The NSLC is pleased to update you on the developments on the 12th Annual Port of Wines Festival - one of Canada's most prestigious wine events! This event is taking place on September 27 – September 29, 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the new Cunard Event Center, located on Marginal Road.

Some exciting events you won't want to miss will include:

* Winemakers’ Dinner and Auction: A gourmet six-course meal held on the evening of September 27th – a true celebration of food and drink! During the dinner enjoy bidding on items in our silent auction and taking part in our live auction, which includes trips to South Africa, Germany and Napa! Tickets are $150 per person or $1200 per table of 8. Purchase 2 tables and get $200 off!
* Grand Tastings: Held on Friday, September 28th (1–4 p.m., 7–10 p.m.) and Saturday, September 29th (1–4 p.m., 7–10 p.m.). Meet and discuss the fascinating world of wine with over 5000 Atlantic Canadian wine enthusiasts. Afternoon tastings are $35 per person and evening tastings are $60 per person.
* On-site Wine Store: A specialty store, staffed by our own NSLC product experts, will be set up at the Festival. This boutique will offer all of the products available for sampling at the Grand Tastings.

Tickets will go on sale early August. To purchase tickets at this time, please visit select NSLC stores or call the NSLC Ticket Line 1-866-605-8269."

Jason, you up for the Sat, Sept 29th 1-4 PM?:) Excellent indeed is the lowered price for the afternoon tastings! :)
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