Nov. 3rd, 2007 01:29 pm
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Was a lot of fun :)

It went pretty much as described in my last post. Friday we got to Montreal, ate dinner at the hotel and loafed around.

Saturday we got up early-ish and went to the Carrefour Laval mall and I actually bought some clothes (which is extremely rare for me cause I hate clothes-shopping). After that we wandered around Eaton Centre downtown a bit and got a bite to eat at Les 3 Brasseurs. In the evening we went to Cinema Banque Scotia to see "Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3D. It was fun, and I was happy to get individually-wrapped 3D glasses to keep. Me being a bit of a germaphobic person it was nice to know they were my own and hadn't been worn by a zillion people.

Sunday we got up early-ish again and bought some Unibroue beer varieties that we can't get in Nova Scotia and brought them back to the hotel so they could sit in the fridge all day for later in the evening.

We went out to Botanical Gardens and walked around for a few hours. It was a beautiful day, took some pictures, but haven't resized them and stuff yet. After that we went and got a bite to eat at some restaurant called Baton Rouge, which was alright, but not as good as Les 3 Brasseurs. I am amazed by the amount of chocolate desserts in Quebec, it's nuts. I've read polls where some women would rather have chocolate than sex in the province of Quebec, but never realized the extent of the chocolate love. Almost every restaurant had some sort of chocolate cake. And the Baton Rouge place like 3/4 of their desserts had something chocolate in it somewhere, whether it was cheesecake, mousse cake, regular cake, etc. lol :) I had a piece of chocolate cake at the hotel on Friday night, some chocolate cake at Les 3 Brasseurs on Saturday and some Almond Chocolate cake thing at Baton Rouge on Sunday.

After dinner we went to the hotel for a bit so I could get changed and ready for the Nightwish concert. We also shared one of the Unibroue beers we had bought.

The concert was a lot of fun, the played a good chunk of stuff of Dark Passion Play but played a few older songs as well, such as Wishmaster, She Is My Sin, Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel, Dark Chest of Wonders, Ever Dream, Slaying the Dreamer, Sleeping Sun etc. I'd say they played about 1 hr 45 mins, maybe a little bit more than that.

The venue was really nice and the sound was good. Graham and I each got two shirts each at the souvenir stand.

Since we had VIP tickets we got free posters and got to do a meet and greet with the band at the end of the show, along with all the other VIP ticket holders. We got to talk to all the band members, which was cool. Said to Jukka that we had flown from Halifax to see them, then Tuomas had asked if that was in Nova Scotia and how far away it was and I had said how it was in NS, and that it was about a 12 hour drive away or a couple hour flight and that it's a shame that hardly any bands come to our city but that we were happy to be able to go see them in Montreal at least. Pretty much just said Hi to Emppu as he was busy signing posters when we walked by his part of the table. I congratulated Anette on winning the vocalist contest and said how I had thought about submitting a demo back in the day but was too much of a chicken, so congratulated her on being the successful candidate and brave enough to send in an entry. Marco I talked to a little more about our travels from Halifax to go see them and that was about it then we were off to the hotel to have some more beer and sleep :)

Monday morning we got up early and got a bite to eat then hopped the train to Belleville. My Mom picked us up around 1:15 PM and the rest of the day was pretty much a write-off as we hadn't gotten to sleep until around 2 AM or so after staying late for the meet and greet and then getting up at 6.

Tuesday we drove down to Toronto, got a bite for dinner, and went to the Tori Amos show. Of the three times I've seen her since 2003 I think this show was my favorite setlist so far.

Wednesday was another loaf around day as we were pretty tired from being up late the night before. We watched some movies and that was about it.

Thursday Graham was feeling quite sick so stayed at my Mom's to rest. I went to visit my friend Isaac in Kingston and we went for a bite for lunch, got some coffee, and wandered around a little.

Friday we went out for dinner with my sister and her husband, which went pretty well, it was nice to see them. We had some wine and chatted a bit at her house afterwards, then my Mom came to pick us up.

Saturday we were up pretty early to pack and go to the airport to fly home.

A few days ago, I started getting sick, I'm not sure if it's Graham's cold, or if it's from the many people at my work who are sick or if I got it from my singing lessons teacher who is also sick. Sore throat, burning/tingling chest, and some coughing. Not fun stuff at all, hoping that sleeping in this weekend will help get rid of it so I can feel better.
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