Jan. 21st, 2007

Monday got my hair re-dyed, so it looks much better.

Tuesday, hrrmm...I really don't think I did anything at all, heh :) Wednesday went for singing lessons since I couldn't on Monday cause of the hair appointment I had booked a few months in advance. Thursday, [livejournal.com profile] nomimisallowed walked with me to HSC for a smoothie and she got some blank cds for her trip. Friday, I had lunch (well lunch to me, haha, though 10:45 might not be lunch to everybody) with [livejournal.com profile] rhain, [livejournal.com profile] nomimisallowed and Leslie. Friday, Graham and I watched Pan's Labyrinth in the evening and caught up on a Mythbusters Pirate Special that we hadn't watched yet.

Saturday, we wandered around Bayers Lake a bit and picked up my Rammstein Volkerball DVD that came to the postal outlet. We watched that in the evening and had a few drinks.

Today we have to go to Graham's family's place for his sister's birthday dinner, *gags*. Now though, in addition to likely hearing Kathryn loudly complain about work or something, we'll *also* have to be sickened by her probably trying to show us her engagement ring and her expecting us to be excited for her. No thanks, lol! :)

Ah well, at least dinner is chicken parmesan and ice cream cake and I've got my iPod all charged and ready for my visit there, so I should be OK:)

Off for now!



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