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Nightwish's new album comes out in September, new single "Eva" is released on May 30, simultaneously with the announcement of who they decided to pick for their new lead singer :)

Some North American tour dates are out too and with the pre-sale going on, I snagged two tickets for the Montreal show in October.

I'm certain I can save up enough money in like 8 months to fly there and back and stay in a hotel for the weekend :) Flights are usually on the cheap in October, not really sure why, guess it must not be a peak season, but not complaining, so it should work out well :)

Tonight going to the Chantal Kreviazuk show at the Cohn which should be good. She's got the band with her this time around, and while I've enjoyed her solo shows, I prefer her with the band. I've heard she's got a violinist and cellist on tour this time around too which will be great for some of the songs she has that involve strings.

I still have a tiny bit of a cough but am mostly on the mend.

Not too much else is new really, so I'm going to head off and get back to work!


Jan. 30th, 2007 10:28 am
Figured I'd get a bunch of phone issues out of the way today. Talking on the phone makes me feel so nauseous. But at least they're all done for now. Cancelled a service from a credit card company I never wanted anyway but they gave me no option to say No, rescheduled the leftover driving lessons I had cancelled in December for next week (terrified how this is going to go, I hope I haven't forgotten absolutely everything with the whole broken toe thing putting a pause on that), and I rescheduled a doctor's appointment for this Thursday that I was supposed to have last Thursday, but my doctor was sick and the first appointment got cancelled. I think that's the first time in my life I have heard of a doctor being human and getting sick, so mainly it just kind of amused me, how exactly they'd call in 'sick' ;)

The weekend was good. Friday night Graham and I got a bite out for dinner at Vinnie's, was the first time we'd been there since my birthday dinner. They had a slightly different chocolate cake there that day, sort of a mousse and it tasted exactly like the insides of milk chocolate lindors, it was good :) We got some coffee at Cafe Ristretto after then headed home.

Saturday we met up with [ profile] vesper1978 and [ profile] honeybee17 and went to go try Baan Thai ( which was really good. [ profile] honeybee17 had been there before, but neither Graham, nor [ profile] vesper1978, nor I had been. We went to HSC for a bit afterwards and ran into [ profile] astroneil at EB, so that was cool, was nice to see him :)

Sunday Graham and I got a bite out to eat at Pizza Delight and just loafed around and watched Sunday night TV.

Yesterday I went down for singing lessons to find a note on the door that they were cancelled again this week, and to call for a reschedule, so that sucked.

Today no real plans, might kick myself to the gym after work. I'm really trying to get back to going at least 2-3 times per week but it's tough. I loved when I could go at lunch hours when I worked downtown. I just find I'm usually so tired after work or so sick of being around people all day that I just want to be at home by myself lol :)
Monday got my hair re-dyed, so it looks much better.

Tuesday, hrrmm...I really don't think I did anything at all, heh :) Wednesday went for singing lessons since I couldn't on Monday cause of the hair appointment I had booked a few months in advance. Thursday, [ profile] nomimisallowed walked with me to HSC for a smoothie and she got some blank cds for her trip. Friday, I had lunch (well lunch to me, haha, though 10:45 might not be lunch to everybody) with [ profile] rhain, [ profile] nomimisallowed and Leslie. Friday, Graham and I watched Pan's Labyrinth in the evening and caught up on a Mythbusters Pirate Special that we hadn't watched yet.

Saturday, we wandered around Bayers Lake a bit and picked up my Rammstein Volkerball DVD that came to the postal outlet. We watched that in the evening and had a few drinks.

Today we have to go to Graham's family's place for his sister's birthday dinner, *gags*. Now though, in addition to likely hearing Kathryn loudly complain about work or something, we'll *also* have to be sickened by her probably trying to show us her engagement ring and her expecting us to be excited for her. No thanks, lol! :)

Ah well, at least dinner is chicken parmesan and ice cream cake and I've got my iPod all charged and ready for my visit there, so I should be OK:)

Off for now!
Hmm...what's been new...

Last Tuesday got a skin treatment and reflexology pedicure, which was nice :) Wednesday [ profile] aki_is_lost and I went to Mexico Lindo for dinner and loafed around my place for a bit. Thursday Graham and I got a bite to eat at Applebee's. Friday we went to Tomasino's for dinner since the darn laundry machines were being used again. I managed to get my laundry done in the evening when we got home though thankfully :)

Saturday we went to the Argyle to meet up with [ profile] vesper1978 for his birthday dinner. Lisa arrived shortly after, then [ profile] soul_beguiled, [ profile] c_drive and [ profile] honeybee17 came next. It was nice to see everybody and dinner was good, had a couple cocktails...

Sunday we went to Athens for brunch and went and wandered around Mic Mac for a bit. On our way home we saw [ profile] djsunkid and [ profile] glapaloopscap so we chatted to them for a minute. It was good to see them, it had been quite a long time.

Today I'm just going to get the roots of my hair re-dyed again. It actually isn't super noticeable what is growing out as the color I had dyed it is just slightly darker than natural color, but still, want to get it evened out a bit again :)

Off for now!
there is occasionally one that makes me smile :)

"Hi I'm from Lunenburg & came across your profile & thought you were so hot, you could melt the sun, you're very sexy, keep up the good work"
Friday I was a little bit annoyed since some people were using the machines in the laundry room when I got home.

Instead of sitting in and pouting all night that they were in use though, Graham and I decided to go get a bite to eat at Swiss Chalet and go see "Children of Men." The movie was good, a bit terrifying and sad, but good. When we got home we watched "Idiocracy" and loafed around.

Saturday since it was absolutely horrible outside (stupid rain) I was pleasantly surprised that nobody else was using the laundry room and taking advantage of the crappy day. I was able to get all my laundry done, which was good. In the evening we had some wine and watched another movie.

Sunday we met up with [ profile] vesper1978 and got a bite to eat at Great Wall which was good. After that we got some gelato at Dio Mio and walked over to visit [ profile] honeybee17. [ profile] shotgundivine and [ profile] jeemy also came over to visit, so it was nice to see them too.

I'm feeling quite frustrated (ie: enough so that my left eye is twitching almost each time I think about work) and burnt out lately....I can't wait for May to come when I'll take some vacation time for my sister's wedding.

Today I've got singing lessons after work, I'm not looking forward to going out in more dreadful rain again. I'm so sick of all this rain.
What a long week...for the four days it was...

Happy today is Friday and it's direct deposit GST day :)

Last night Graham and I used up our Il Mercato gift certificate we got at Christmas.

I'm going to start going to singing lessons on Monday afternoons now instead of Wednesdays. This should hopefully be good and for me to be less dead tired for them as I will have only had one crappy night of sleep (Sunday) versus three ;)

Not much else is new really...nothing planned for this weekend yet either. It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow so probably won't be up to much. Fridays are laundry day anyway as usually it's the only time the laundry room is free.

Skin still looks kinda crappy but is slowly improving. I'm thinking in another week or two I'll call and rebook my driving lessons that I cancelled in December. My toe feels almost 100% better, but I want to give it a little more time. Usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal the doctor said and it's just been roughly 4 weeks now.

I think I've almost been wearing out listening to Lily Allen's "Alright, Still" cd. It's a good cd...the lyrics are pretty funny.

Off for now!
Even though it's a Tuesday...blehhhh....

I slept absolutely horrible last night, kept having nightmares. Strangely enough, ones I hadn't had in a few years, nightmares of failing tests in school...

I feel absolutely horrible today too, from lack of sleep and from my skin being all broken out, feel absolutely hideous. Normally my prescription steivamycin cream keeps my skin problems at bay but it didn't today. Thought about putting some makeup on this morning to hide it, but too tired.

I so wish I could curl up and sleep the rest of the week until my skin will likely be healed. Usually it takes that long or more with me since my skin is so light it always seems to show up worse on me than on other people.

Not entirely sure how I'm going to make it through shouldn't bother me this much but when I've already been depressed from this time of year, it does, everything gets magnified.


Jan. 1st, 2007 10:45 pm

Saturday we went to [ profile] aki_is_lost's place to see Rui and to visit [ profile] aki_is_lost too of course ;) Was nice to finally meet his dog, Ajax, he's cute :)

Leslie drove Graham and I there and back, which was nice of her.

We stayed from about 5 until about 12:30. Rui made a hot pot meal, which I'd never had before in my life and don't think any of us in the room had before except for her. We all sort of sat there waiting for instructions on how to eat the stuff she had set on the table, so that was kind of funny. It turned out we had to spear ourselves pieces of raw beef, chicken, fish, etc. and put them in the hot pot itself for a few minutes to cook. I managed to do OK considering I don't really cook and was scared I wouldn't cook the chicken enough and make myself sick. Had some wine and chatted and stuff, so that was good. There are plans to possibly go see Rui for her February break, which would be nice.

Sunday, we met up with [ profile] vesper1978 and went for a bite at the Moustache, then got a coffee at Starbucks and met up with Sean and Jen. Lisa didn't end up able to make it.

The five of us played pool for an hour at Dooly's to waste some time so we wouldn't get to [ profile] nomimisallowed's place too early. Sean and Jen had originally planned to visit a friend of theirs briefly before we headed out, but that didn't end up working out and we had some time to kill.

As per usual, it was only awkward for a tiny bit in the beginning as my group of friends and [ profile] nomimisallowed's group of friends got to talking. After that it was all good and was very fun once people started talking to each other, even with the silly hats and noisemakers and all :) We played a game and everybody had their assortment of drinks, whatever they happened to bring. Graham and I polished off two bottles of wine between the two of us. One bottle of Kim Crawford Pinot Noir and one bottle of Jacob's Creek Sparkling Chardonnay-Pinot Noir. [ profile] nomimisallowed's cats were both really cute and I couldn't resist getting my black dress full of cat hair, it'll wash off :) Sprocket and Molly were their names.

I do recall [ profile] vesper1978 at one point doing a shot of Ouzo through his nose, or at least appearing to do so, I couldn't quite see as someone was standing in front taking a picture while he was doing it lol :)

I got to see [ profile] nomimisallowed's bass which was cool, she's going to start taking lessons in February.

People were playing with her magnetic words on her fridge, the same set that [ profile] honeybee17 has. Naturally, most people after that much alcohol were writing perverted clauses on the fridge, I just had to be different and just be weird, cause I'm good at being weird. I wrote "yesterday liquid smoke colored my heart".

Anyway, I'm off, I so don't want to go to work tomorrow :( Boo!

We're going to try to get in on the same rotation. Tickets go on sale on Friday, December 22nd.

Anybody on my list in the Halifax-area interested in coming whose not friends with [ profile] c_drive and seen the link already?:)

ie: for some reason I could picture [ profile] uberdok especially being interested for some reason....but anybody else is welcome too :)


Dec. 17th, 2006 08:46 pm
Friday Graham and I got a bite out to eat at Smitty's.

Saturday, we met up with [ profile] vesper1978 downtown and got a bite to eat at Hamachi House, then went to see "The Pursuit of Happyness" at Park Lane. The movie was good, even if it was a little predictable in parts :)

In the evening, we just watched the Mythbusters episode we had downloaded from earlier in the week and the War at Home episode from Thursday that I missed as I found out from Jason that it moved to Thursdays and now is confirming that diagnosis.

Today we tried out the new Boston Pizza downtown, which was pretty good :) Other than that, just have loafed around home. Now just about to go watch the new episodes of Simpsons, American Dad and Family Guy and to see if Torchwood finishes downloading by the time the other TV is over or if we'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it :)

Off for now!
Today's my actual birthday, happy birthday to me! :)

Weekend was good. Not as many people could make it as I hoped to my birthday dinner (quite a few last minute cancellations) but it's OK, life happens, I am happy for the ones who could make it and forgive any that couldn't :)

[ profile] vesper1978 brought me a bottle of wine, which we had yesterday at Sean and Jen's, so that was good :) Lisa brought me some chocolates from Sears which were surprisingly good. [ profile] honeybee17 bought me an HMV gift card, which I may just go use today. There are quite a few movies on for cheap. I'd normally spend it on music, but there are some DVDS there for $9.99 that I keep 'meaning' to pick up but never do, so that's what I'm thinking I'll get with it, three of those :) Vince brought me a hand-drawn birthday card and a copy of one of his comics, which was cool :) Thanks to those four for bringing something for me besides their already great selves as a present. It wasn't necessary to bring more, but it is always appreciated :) Three other friends each bought me one martini at Argyle too, which was nice of them, [ profile] uberdok, [ profile] soul_beguiled and [ profile] c_drive so I thank you guys. [ profile] uberdok I also thank you for the ride home, was very nice to not have to wait for a cab and to have someone we could safely talk to on the way home without getting creeped out like we would with cab drivers, hahaha :) In total I ended up having four martinis at Argyle and two and a half glasses of chianti at dinner.

At the dinner, besides the ones mentioned above, [ profile] astroneil and his friend [ profile] ruddeh made it, so did [ profile] rhain, Heather, and Vince. It was nice to see all of them too, even if some could only stay for the dinner :) Thankfully the only birthday-inflicted thing on me at the restaurant was for the waiter to induce everyone into song for me so I could blow out one of the candles on the table before eating my Tiramisu :) I was happy that everybody sang though. Whenever we go to Graham's family's for my birthday, nobody sings for me!

After the dinner, [ profile] astroneil drove [ profile] ruddeh home and ended up being called into work so couldn't come out to the Argyle as planned. I just hope he still had a fun time, I tried to visit that end of the table a bit during dinner, but it's tough for one person to try to indulge in conversations with 11 separate people during 2 and a half hours at the restaurant:D I had hoped to catch up more with him at the Argyle. Vince, Heather, and [ profile] rhain all headed home and weren't able to make it out for drinks. I wonder what [ profile] rhain did on Sunday, since her original itinerary was to have a hangover from my birthday party, which since she skipped the drinking part, save for one caesar at the restaurant, I doubt that happened, hehe :)

Sunday, we got invited out for dinner at Sean and Jen's, who weren't able to make the dinner or drinks on Saturday. We brought the wine Jason bought me to share with everybody for dinner. It was nice to see them, had been a while :)

Today, nothing really is planned, I took the day off work, slept in until 11 or so, now just about to go have a shower. I was kinda hoping Graham would give me a birthday hug this morning before he left for work but maybe he was having a Monday and being extra slow getting ready and didn't have enough time before the bus :)

Off for now!
Toe is still sore but slightly better than it was. Swelling is at least pretty much gone. Still bruised and sore though. For some reason the doctor wants to see me I hope it doesn't get poked and prodded at too much, maybe she just wants to see how it's healing, I really don't know.

Went to singing lessons Wednesday, next song we'll be working on is "Pilgrim" by Sarah Slean.

Yesterday Graham and I got a bite out to eat at Mexico Lindo which was good as always. He also bought me an early birthday treat, we dropped by the liquor store and he got some Amarone...*drools*. We had it in the evening as well, tasty tasty stuff. I wish I could afford to get it more often, hehe, but it's also very expensive :)

We watched some Mythbusters episodes we downloaded from Wednesday and watched the 1 hour My Name is Earl last night.

Today, besides the stupid doctor's office (which I hope I'm not stuck at too long as I really didn't want to have to go to both the hospital and the doctor's office in the same week) I just want to get some laundry done.

Some more cancellations for tomorrow's birthday dinner have come in which leads me to asking...there are three empty seats now. I haven't called to tell them I need less seats, so am wondering if any last minute people might want to come tomorrow? :) Maybe some people who thought they would be busy and said no originally but have since found out they won't be? :) If anybody wants to bring an extra friend or roommate along or something, by all means just let me know :)

Off for now!
I managed to break my right baby toe yesterday.

I wanted to get it checked out at Family Focus, but with the weather yesterday, the doctor's wife's car was in a ditch...craziness, my luck.

So since everything was slowed to a crawl there was no way I was going to go to the hospital last night.

I went this morning and got an x-ray and it's just the toe and nothing more (wanted to be certain as from the amount of bruising wasn't sure if maybe some other bone of the foot might've fractured).

I still came back to work anyway, the hospital pretty much just said to tape it, ice it, and try not to walk directly on it.

So if I'm slightly hobbling at my birthday dinner you guys will know why :)


Nov. 27th, 2006 07:58 am
Friday Graham and I got a bite to eat at Salvatore's, which was good as always.

It was tough to choose among the cheesecakes...Mocha, Mars Bar, White Chocolate Blackberry, Key Lime, or Pina Colada. I ended up trying the Mars Bar and it was good :)

Saturday we went to Mexico Lindo for lunch. We had hoped [ profile] vesper1978 would come with us, but when Graham had asked him earlier in the day he said 'maybe' and we ended up getting too hungry to wait any longer :) Hopefully we shall get out with him for a Mexico Lindo fix again sometime soon though since we weren't able to on the weekend.

Sunday we went to Graham's family's place for their 16 day early birthday dinner for me. The lasagna was good, but his mom succeeded in ruining my chocolate cake again. One year she put orange and cinnamon in it *gags*, this year she put in jam, I loathe jam. All I want is plain normal chocolate cake with lots of chocolate icing, which I've expressed many times in the nearly 8 years that Graham and I have been together, so it's not like I would think she'd forget that many times...

Today nothing really planned. I didn't sleep very well last night, just thinking the usual Sunday denial "Bleh work tomorrow"....

At least the Sarah Slean concert is on Friday this week, so I have something to look forward to.

Off for now!
Not too much is new really, but it has been a week since I updated, so I figure I'll make a small update at least.

Katrein cancelled singing lessons last week. I stayed home on Wednesday since I had a bad headache in the morning, it was nice to sleep in. Later that evening, Mike H picked me up and we went to pick up Jason T and go play some pool for a bit, which was good. It had been a while since I'd seen either of them, so it was nice to see them both. Thursday Graham and I got a bite to eat at Mexico Lindo which was good as always.

Friday I just loafed around home as I was tired.

Saturday we met up with [ profile] vesper1978 on the bus, got some nachos at Montana's and then went to go see "Casino Royale" in Bayers Lake, which was good. In the evening, Graham and I just loafed around and watched some TV and had some wine. Sunday we got a bite to eat at Smitty's in the afternoon, then just relaxed at home until Sunday night TV.

Today, not much is planned. Might go to the gym depending on how I'm feeling when I get home. Feel kind of dopey today, didn't sleep very well last night. Tomorrow have my last driving lesson included with my YD course then I'll have to call and book more as I have to take extra sessions as I'm quite far behind from no outside practice.

I'm anxious for my birthday dinner on the 9th, it'll be great to see everybody :) I'm off for now!
So, I got Vinnie's Pasta Bar booked, no problem.

Anybody who I didn't talk to directly on MSN, or who didn't comment or email me back, I take it that you can't make it and your answer is No.

So far the grand total of the moment between all the "maybe" and "yes" folks is 22 people.

The time is 7:30 PM for the reservation on Saturday, December 9th, the address is 5361 Inglis Street. Just punch it in mapquest or google maps if for any reason you're not sure where exactly it is :)

Here are the confirmed or possible attendees for anyone curious who might want to try to snag rides together: Neil + guest, Lisa + guest, Jason K, Kelly, Jason I, Mike D, Heather, Krista, Melissa, Chris A, Chris T, Vince + Nadine, Pete + Sande, Sean + Jen, Victor, then Graham and myself of course :)

I am still thinking possibly Argyle for martinis or something after dinner, but of course as it's a little over a month away I'll be posting a reminder at some point. To those who couldn't make it for dinner, if for any reason you think you might want to come hang out for a drink or two in the later evening, we can figure it out at that point, ie: I'll repost my phone numbers etc. in early December so you can call and double-check where we are and that we haven't headed home yet for the night...

The restaurant is only open 5 PM to 10 PM so after 10 I'd imagine the slew of us would want to find something else to do :)

I'm happy there were no problems booking, off for now! :)
So, I'm thinking this year about having a get together at a restaurant for my birthday. My birthday is Monday, December 11th, so I'm hoping to have it the weekend just prior to it.

I hate to do this to you guys so much in advance, but if I don't ask now there probably will be little chance of me being able to book somewhere:) Stupid bloody birthday being 2 weeks before Christmas and different places booking their corporate Xmas parties, etc.

I am hoping to book at Vinnie's Pasta Bar on Saturday, December 9th, once I get an idea of how many people might be able to come. I'd rather ask for too many seats, than not enough. I can always call them back closer to the date to let them know a more accurate number at that point in time if some people end up not able to make it. I realize it's Christmas time then and some people get busy, so don't feel afraid that I'll force you by gunpoint to come just because you said 'yes' or 'maybe' in this post :) Trust me, you're not signing a contract to come for 100% certain :)

Leave me a comment if you think you'll be able to come (also let me know if you plan on bringing a guest) and I'll make an updated post with more details probably sometime next week. Also, anybody who can see/read this and lives nearby is invited, so even if you're kind of like "I don't know her that well" you are welcome to come if you're up for it :)


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