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Birthdate:Dec 11
I'm 36/f/Canada. I love to listen to music, sing, and play piano. I hope to get somewhere writing my own music someday, or by means of collaboration with someone.

I also love to play pool and try to get out at least once a week to play.

I also am a bit of a movie buff...I love all sorts of different all time favorite is Fight Club, but I like all sorts of genres. I'll go to a movie if it appeals to me, regardless of what age group it's primarily intended for.

I also like to spend time with my friends, my boyfriend, and my cats.

I like meeting new people, so if any random people come across my journal, by all means feel free to add me:D Try to say "Hi" if you have the chance, it will help me notice that I have a new person to learn about on my list!:)

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