Both the videos are great too, check them out :)

Anxious for my birthday party tomorrow, hopefully the weather will stay decent, looks like 4 degrees and variable cloudiness :)

Graham got me a car stereo for Christmas which I've already gotten's nice to have the direct connect for the iPod now instead of fiddling with an annoying iTrip....

Work has been insanely busy lately, the only good thing is being able to see [ profile] aki_is_lost more but because I'm a little frazzled from being so busy don't quite feel like myself....

Anyway off to work, at least it's jeans day today, and finally Friday! :)


Nov. 3rd, 2007 01:29 pm
Was a lot of fun :)

It went pretty much as described in my last post. Friday we got to Montreal, ate dinner at the hotel and loafed around.

Saturday we got up early-ish and went to the Carrefour Laval mall and I actually bought some clothes (which is extremely rare for me cause I hate clothes-shopping). After that we wandered around Eaton Centre downtown a bit and got a bite to eat at Les 3 Brasseurs. In the evening we went to Cinema Banque Scotia to see "Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3D. It was fun, and I was happy to get individually-wrapped 3D glasses to keep. Me being a bit of a germaphobic person it was nice to know they were my own and hadn't been worn by a zillion people.

Sunday we got up early-ish again and bought some Unibroue beer varieties that we can't get in Nova Scotia and brought them back to the hotel so they could sit in the fridge all day for later in the evening.

We went out to Botanical Gardens and walked around for a few hours. It was a beautiful day, took some pictures, but haven't resized them and stuff yet. After that we went and got a bite to eat at some restaurant called Baton Rouge, which was alright, but not as good as Les 3 Brasseurs. I am amazed by the amount of chocolate desserts in Quebec, it's nuts. I've read polls where some women would rather have chocolate than sex in the province of Quebec, but never realized the extent of the chocolate love. Almost every restaurant had some sort of chocolate cake. And the Baton Rouge place like 3/4 of their desserts had something chocolate in it somewhere, whether it was cheesecake, mousse cake, regular cake, etc. lol :) I had a piece of chocolate cake at the hotel on Friday night, some chocolate cake at Les 3 Brasseurs on Saturday and some Almond Chocolate cake thing at Baton Rouge on Sunday.

After dinner we went to the hotel for a bit so I could get changed and ready for the Nightwish concert. We also shared one of the Unibroue beers we had bought.

The concert was a lot of fun, the played a good chunk of stuff of Dark Passion Play but played a few older songs as well, such as Wishmaster, She Is My Sin, Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel, Dark Chest of Wonders, Ever Dream, Slaying the Dreamer, Sleeping Sun etc. I'd say they played about 1 hr 45 mins, maybe a little bit more than that.

The venue was really nice and the sound was good. Graham and I each got two shirts each at the souvenir stand.

Since we had VIP tickets we got free posters and got to do a meet and greet with the band at the end of the show, along with all the other VIP ticket holders. We got to talk to all the band members, which was cool. Said to Jukka that we had flown from Halifax to see them, then Tuomas had asked if that was in Nova Scotia and how far away it was and I had said how it was in NS, and that it was about a 12 hour drive away or a couple hour flight and that it's a shame that hardly any bands come to our city but that we were happy to be able to go see them in Montreal at least. Pretty much just said Hi to Emppu as he was busy signing posters when we walked by his part of the table. I congratulated Anette on winning the vocalist contest and said how I had thought about submitting a demo back in the day but was too much of a chicken, so congratulated her on being the successful candidate and brave enough to send in an entry. Marco I talked to a little more about our travels from Halifax to go see them and that was about it then we were off to the hotel to have some more beer and sleep :)

Monday morning we got up early and got a bite to eat then hopped the train to Belleville. My Mom picked us up around 1:15 PM and the rest of the day was pretty much a write-off as we hadn't gotten to sleep until around 2 AM or so after staying late for the meet and greet and then getting up at 6.

Tuesday we drove down to Toronto, got a bite for dinner, and went to the Tori Amos show. Of the three times I've seen her since 2003 I think this show was my favorite setlist so far.

Wednesday was another loaf around day as we were pretty tired from being up late the night before. We watched some movies and that was about it.

Thursday Graham was feeling quite sick so stayed at my Mom's to rest. I went to visit my friend Isaac in Kingston and we went for a bite for lunch, got some coffee, and wandered around a little.

Friday we went out for dinner with my sister and her husband, which went pretty well, it was nice to see them. We had some wine and chatted a bit at her house afterwards, then my Mom came to pick us up.

Saturday we were up pretty early to pack and go to the airport to fly home.

A few days ago, I started getting sick, I'm not sure if it's Graham's cold, or if it's from the many people at my work who are sick or if I got it from my singing lessons teacher who is also sick. Sore throat, burning/tingling chest, and some coughing. Not fun stuff at all, hoping that sleeping in this weekend will help get rid of it so I can feel better.
So I'm just finishing up doing some packing and stuff, then Graham and I will get a bite for lunch and head to the airport.

It's going to be so much fun, we'll get to Montreal around 7 tonight, then probably just get a bite to eat and loaf around the hotel room tonight.

Tomorrow, the plan is go to Carrefour Laval then later in the evening to go to Cinema Banque Scotia to go see Nightmare Before Christmas 3D.

Sunday we'll either go to Mont Royal or the Botanical Gardens We probably won't have time to do later that evening we get to go see Nightwish in concert at the Metropolis

Monday we'll be taking the train to Belleville, ON to visit my family. Monday will probably be a write-off day, relax, watch movies maybe or play some pool or piano as my family has both a pool table and a piano now :)

Tuesday we'll be seeing Tori Amos down at the Sony Centre in Toronto.

Wed-Fri will be a mix of visiting various family members and probably squeezing in a visit with my friend Isaac.

Saturday we fly back home from Toronto, then I don't go back to work until Tuesday the 30th, so will relax and unpack and whatnot :)

Off for now! :)
But, not my fault, thank god, and thankfully nobody was hurt.

Driving down Chebucto Road in the far right lane, minding my own business, was going to pick up Graham after he was done work. I was starting to slow down anyway as I was about a block from Oxford Street, where I wanted to turn right.

When I was about to pass Kline Street, a car comes barreling through in front of me, and I sort of t-bone it, I couldn't stop in time because I couldn't see it. At first I thought, how on earth didn't I see a car turning left from Chebucto onto Kline, even if it was fairly busy traffic, because I knew I was looking well ahead and paying attention.

Do you know why I couldn't see it? Became more clear after the cops helped piece it together. Because she didn't come from Chebucto AT ALL. She came up North Street from the opposing direction to me and turned left onto the one-way street that is supposed to be for cars going the same direction on Chebucto Road as me to turn left to get to North Street to head toward the MacDonald Bridge. So she went wrong way on a one-way, nice.....

My airbags didn't even deploy cause I was going so slow. Mostly is just scuffing on the front bumper and a bit on the hood. At least that woman's insurance will be paying for it. But frustrating nonetheless. My Mom told me I may want to get my wheel alignment checked too, just in case. Even though physically my car seems fine it could've been a little knocked out of alignment.

The woman ended up nicking another car in her spinout when I hit her. That guy was amusing cause he took it in stride and was like "I really don't care too much about a few more dings to add to this old truck" :)

Anyways, fine, but a bit shaken up and glad that I was planning to turn a block later, as if I were going faster I am sure it would've been uglier.

Although I am glad everybody wasn't hurt, I am glad her car had the worst damage, lol :) Hopefully that will be enough to teach her a lesson;) Her warped right back tire area, bwahahaha. She had to be towed away while me and truck were good to go :)
Last year I booked a flight on this same exact day and got a good deal. Same thing today, strangely happening almost the exact same way. Going about my business, booking a flight and Air Canada's site stops and asks if I accept the price drop from $338 for two tickets to $272. Who would argue with that?:) "Gee, no I want to pay the higher price"

This makes me happy, October is set to be the most kickass month of the year.

Oct 11th, Matt Good concert, Oct 17th Tegan and Sara concert here in Halifax.

Then Oct 19th we fly to Montreal to stay for a few days. Oct 21st Nightwish at the Metropolis. October 22nd take the train from Montreal to Belleville, ON. October 23rd Mom, Graham and I go to Toronto for the Tori Amos concert at the Hummingbird Centre. After a few days of visiting my family, October 27th we fly home to Halifax from Toronto.

My family has moved into a new house, complete with free piano that the previous people didn't want to move, and they got themselves a pool table. I'll be able to bring some sheet music with me and be able to play some pool. It will be awesome.

While not quite October, it's close enough to pretty much include the Wine Fair, which we have our tickets to on Saturday, September 29th from 1-4 PM :)

This past weekend was a lot of fun. We went to see Superbad on Friday, Saturday we got some grocery shopping and laundry done and I got to go out and play pool with Mike H who I haven't seen since like March or something. Sunday, [ profile] honeybee17, [ profile] bioillogical, Graham and I went to Oaklawn Farm Zoo, which was fun :) There was a tiny bit of rain for like 5 or 10 minutes but then it stopped and stayed nice the rest of the day. We had stopped in Wolfville at Paddy's for lunch which was fun too :)

This coming weekend nothing much planned, work has been kicking my ass lately, I'm anxious for time off....
From the site...

"The NSLC is pleased to update you on the developments on the 12th Annual Port of Wines Festival - one of Canada's most prestigious wine events! This event is taking place on September 27 – September 29, 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the new Cunard Event Center, located on Marginal Road.

Some exciting events you won't want to miss will include:

* Winemakers’ Dinner and Auction: A gourmet six-course meal held on the evening of September 27th – a true celebration of food and drink! During the dinner enjoy bidding on items in our silent auction and taking part in our live auction, which includes trips to South Africa, Germany and Napa! Tickets are $150 per person or $1200 per table of 8. Purchase 2 tables and get $200 off!
* Grand Tastings: Held on Friday, September 28th (1–4 p.m., 7–10 p.m.) and Saturday, September 29th (1–4 p.m., 7–10 p.m.). Meet and discuss the fascinating world of wine with over 5000 Atlantic Canadian wine enthusiasts. Afternoon tastings are $35 per person and evening tastings are $60 per person.
* On-site Wine Store: A specialty store, staffed by our own NSLC product experts, will be set up at the Festival. This boutique will offer all of the products available for sampling at the Grand Tastings.

Tickets will go on sale early August. To purchase tickets at this time, please visit select NSLC stores or call the NSLC Ticket Line 1-866-605-8269."

Jason, you up for the Sat, Sept 29th 1-4 PM?:) Excellent indeed is the lowered price for the afternoon tastings! :)
Still a bit of leftover gookiness from my cold but mostly feeling normal again. Just got back to a bunch of old comments on my LJ, as while I was sick and then busy with work stuff just didn't really have a chance...

Been busy working on an analysis for work the past week or so, so was spending some evenings on that so haven't been online much....

I'm digging the leaked Nightwish tracks more and more with each listen....September can't come fast enough for the album and October for our trip to see them in Montreal.

I'm also excited for what Fall will bring with tentative new Goldfrapp, new Hooverphonic, new Nellie McKay, and new Sarah Slean albums.

Recently I picked up the Holly McNarland album "Chin Up Buttercup" and am pleased with how good it is. It's a lot more to my liking than the album previous to it (Home is Where my Feet Are). This one is a bit more of a mix of heavier/softer tracks, whereas the one prior I found too soft for me....

There's a new Tara Maclean EP on iTunes too that is decent....

I have the Absolute Garbage greatest hits cd and dvd of the music videos on preorder as well as the new Tegan & Sara cd "The Con" on preorder, both of which come out this month.

We went to see Order of the Phoenix last night, enjoyed it a lot:) Am happy that the Half-Blood Prince's movie release date is currently slated for November 21, 2008. I like the times when the movies have only a small gap in between :)
Threw it on my credit card so I could get a couple little treats...

Been meaning to order the 'sit down and play...' hooverphonic sheet music book for a while...going to probably order the 'american doll posse' one by tori as well :)
So, well, I'm still feeling kinda crappy from my cold, so is Graham as he caught my cold too, but we wanted some stuff to do this weekend so we decided to go see some movies.....three movies, three days in a row, pretty nuts :)

Saturday we went to see Ratatouille in Bayers Lake, Sunday we went to see Live Free or Die Hard at Park Lane, tonight we went to see Transformers (digital projection) in Dartmouth Crossing :)

I enjoyed all three :) All three worthy of seeing in theatres in my opinion :)
This past week have been busy with looking at cars, putting a holding deposit on one and waiting to hear if financing was approved, then pricing out insurance companies and getting stuff all set up :)

Yesterday I was able to go get my car after work :) Got my insurance set up, and the dealership even picked me up at the insurance company which was nice :) And me being organized me, when I left work yesterday I had even already gotten a parking pass so I'd be ready for today :)

It's a Dark Blue 2004 Honda Civic SE. Expect pictures soon :)

It's this weekend. Any of you interested in going with us?

Since Father's Day is Sunday, I am gathering Saturday would be the better day for most of us to go.

Once I find out who might be interested in coming then we can figure out where we want to meet up and at what time :)
But new Nightwish single "Eva" is up for sale now and they have some soundclips on the site of three new songs off the new album coming out in the fall.

The new singer, Anette, doesn't sound too shabby at all, may take a little getting used to no Tarja at first, but listening to the soundclips it's all still Nightwish....the soundclips sound great:)
Not sure I'm up for one again so soon after the one in February, but some of you other folks on my list may be interested :) It's on June 15th.

Tickets are on sale already.
So I passed the Road Test today, yay! :) Now am a Newly-Licensed Driver and already will have my Young Drivers course completion certificate to show in 2 years time to get to the full license.

Even after all the trials and tribulations from having to wait three months to start in-car lessons after the classroom sessions were done, to having no friends able to help me practice, to having back-to-back colds and a broken toe delaying some of my in-car lessons, to having the most evil instructor in the world, I think it's quite an accomplishment.

My initial goal to get my road test done was the end of December last year, but with the delays of even being able to start in-car lessons, to busting that toe I knew that one wasn't attainable. My next one was set as "to get it before I went on vacation for my sister's wedding".....goal complete :)
There are three Hawksley Workman albums that have only been sold at live I have managed to get (Before We Were Security Guards) but never was able to find the other two.

The other two, Puppy (A Boy's Truly Rough) and My Little Toothless Beauties were finally released for purchase online.

What's also very cool, is that they offered them up in .mp3 or .flac format here

Naturally I got the FLAC files so I could burn my own full lossless audio cds and then if I choose to make mp3's I can...

I mean, I liked dazeofgrace and all, but was only because I couldn't have my first choice of [ profile] bratness originally cause it was used, now that that account has been purged, it's all MINE!


Got my Young Driver's completion certificate in the mail yesterday which was nice to see. May 17th is my government road test, which hopefully I'll pass no problem. As long as I pass that I'm in the free and clear as I'd just have to wait the two years during the newly-licensed driver phase and I'd already have my YD certificate to show at that point in time to get my full license.

Not a whole lot else is new really, just antsy for the next few weeks to go by and for it to be vacation time! :)
Passed the final evaluation today, first try! Pretty stoked about that as I was quite stressed out about it....

Now I only have the government road test to do, and will be doing the road test package through YD so I can use one of their cars for the test.

Last Friday was fun, went to see "Fracture" with [ profile] rhain and Lisa and Graham. It was pretty good. Lisa, Graham and I stuck around and went to see "Hot Fuzz" shortly after which was fun :)

Got out for a Bedford trip on Saturday and visited Sean and Jen that evening. Sunday we went out for brunch and loafed around home the rest of the day.

My copy of "American Doll Posse" shipped from Amazon today which I found amusing since it's not actually out until Tuesday.

I hope May flies by, I'm so anxious for time off work. May 30 still seems like an eternity away.
Haven't been posting a whole lot lately...

Work is pretty busy lately...

We got out on the weekend to see "Reign Over Me" with [ profile] vesper1978 which was good :) Got some dinner at Baan Thai afterwards.

Last Tuesday we went out for dinner with [ profile] vesper1978 and Lisa to Vinnie's which was good.

I'm getting anxious for May 30 when I fly out to visit my family, etc. Still a million ages away and each hour drags by, but hopefully eventually it will get here.

I'm hoping to visit Isaac and Adam, and possibly Mike. Not sure if my family will be able to drive me up to Toronto or not this time around, but if I don't get out there in this May/June timeframe with my sister's wedding and all I'm hoping to fly out to see Tori Amos when she'll likely play Toronto in the late summer (whenever the North American tour dates are announced).

Off for now!
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